Because the plating of a part is an important key to the part’s design and performance characteristics, we measure the thickness on nearly all basis material for our clients by using CMI X-Ray Fluorescence Measurement System.

Industrial waste water facility was also set-up because we are strongly aware the importance of environmental.

We, Precision, have confidence in Plating Quality by our fully equipped laboratory & CMI X-Ray Machine.

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OUR POLICY We are committed to provide total clients satisfaction by:
I. providing quality product and reliable service to customer
II. continually improve the effectiveness and efficiency in the Quality Management System

OUR MISSION “The Best Choice of Electroplater in ASIA !”
In order to satisfy our valuable customer and their requirements, we have derived our plans such as
1. Achieving ISO 9001:2000
2. Rohs Compliance
3. Member of Singapore Surface Finishing Society
4. ISO 14001 (in progress)