Precision Electroplating Sdn. Bhd.

Precision Electroplating Sdn. Bhd. (PESB), provide various type of metal finish surface service from decorative and engineering application to meet customer’s needs in term of aesthetic and functional properties with the ease of plating methodology such as rack plating and barrel plating. Most importantly, PESB always strive to deliver valuable service to our customer with comprehensive quality control which may be incorporated with qualitative and quantitative measure.

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Managing Director Alan Neo Bock Soo

Who We Are:

Precision Electroplating Sdn. Bhd., with more than 30 years of plating experiences, is one of the excellent electroplating companies in Malaysia. It is established in April 1991. Our presence is establish not only in Malaysia but also in overseas markets as well to explore new markets such as China. With a team of dedicated managers and engineers, the company has grown to its present size with a factory more than 2500m2. To provide high efficiency in plating service, we employ over 100 person of employees including local and foreign workers. The paid up capital is only RM 500,000.00 but our annual sales is achievable up to RM 15,000,000.00 right now.

Why Choose Us!​

Your Trusted Dedicated Electroplating Partner

Upfront Pricing

Flexible pricing throughout our variable advanced facilities to reduce total cost. Thus, we always open to negotiation.

Anytime Service

We have 30 kinds of metal surface finishing process with utilization of tools & equipment just in one place.

Qualified Experts

Well-structured organization allow us to serve and commit our customers better in term of quality, quantity & satisfaction.

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