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The electronics industry has evolved dramatically over the last decades thus to support the metal surface finishing industry, Precision Electroplating Sdn. Bhd. provides various type of plating e.g Copper, Nickel, Gold, Tin, Silver, Electroless Nickel & Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold Plating etc by using rack & barrel plating method.

We are most outstanding in PCB & FPC plating services. High speed plating & blackening services are also developed to provide a comprehensive range of plating services to our customer. To generates a strong relationships with clients, we are pleased to do some of the downstream process after plating service.
Our Plating Services :-
  Copper Plating Nickel Tin Plating Silver Plating  
  Nickel Plating Bright Tin Plating Electroless Nickel Plating  
  Dull Tin Plating Printed Circuit Board Gold Plating  
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