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Because the plating of a part is an important key to the part's design and performance characteristics, we measure the thickness on nearly all basis material for our clients by using CMI X-Ray Fluorescence Measurement System.

Industrial waste water facility was also set-up because we are strongly aware the importance of environmental.

We, Precision, have confidence in Plating Quality by our fully equipped laboratory & CMI X-Ray Machine.


Precision Electroplating Sdn. Bhd., has a fully complete electroplating infrastructures such as:
filtering system, magnetic pumps, blower/exhaust fan, barrels, dryer, tumbling, rectifiers, ultrasonic machine, pH meter, microscope, digital micrometer, dial caliper, electronic counting scale, solder pot, storage vessels, plating accessories, scrubber machine & water purify.

Besides that, Precision employ qualified professionals e.g chemist & lab technician where they are strictly trained to provide the best value in analytical testing. They preform the more specialized complex tasks which require more training and experience: preparing solutions and reagents, assisting in product development, performing experimental testing, maintaining quality control records, and writing test result analysis reports.

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